Why should I subscribe to Bioenergetic Spectrum News Group?

Get news, reports, and perspectives from around the world on topics under energetics, bioenergetics, psychoenergetics, and related sciences. The Bioenergetic Spectrum News Group works like a Yahoo Group wherein anyone who joins can ask questions, provide updates or opinions, report on the latest news under the aforementioned topics. Any science affecting human culture and health can be discussed.

Can I author my own newsletter through Bioenergetic Spectrum News Group?

Yes, you may post your own newsletter. But keep in mind that each post only allows a certain number of characters and all members have the option of receiving text only messages in their email, so posting HTML code could result in a scrambled egg mess in everyone's in box. Therefore, your posts should be text only.

An option for those of you who like to author papers is to become an author at the Mind in Science Blog. Submit your request to webmaster at bioenergeticspectrum dot com with a link to your papers. When your request is accepted, I send your author information to you, so you can start publishing right away. The Mind in Science Blog is mobile friendly and allows HTML code with your related links to help support you.

Can we discuss topics outside of those covered at bioenergeticspectrum.com?

Yes. The site is eclectic. I doubt if I cover all necessary topics under energetics, bioenergetics, psychoenergetics, electrokinesis, electrotherapy and related sciences. The Science News Site expresses a deep interest in over unity energy sources because life itself does not adhere to the 2nd law of thermodynamics.

At the moment, I am also busy updating the site from old (sloppy) HTML to mobile friendly tech. I'm way behind on updates, so I have little time. I feel very fortunate in finding my present web host because they offer this mailing group service as part of the package.

At the moment, the posting function for this newsletter is disabled for all members except the administrator. Until it is repaired, I will redirect all members of Bioenergetic Spectrum News Group to articles at the blog where you can post your comments.

This newletter covers info located at Essential Nutrients, Healing Science, Poison, or Science News Spectrum. Until the post function is repair, please feel free to post your expert comments at Mind in Science Blog. When the post function is repaired, you can post your own text only newsletter with links to your own papers or other related links.

How do I know if Bioenergetic Spectrum News Group is right for me?

If you are like me, you probably subscribe to other scientific journals already such as PhysOrg. With this group, you can share links of your personal interest and get feedback from like-minded people. Like a Yahoo Group, this mailing list is moderated. Therefore, any kind of trolling or sales pitching outside the scope of this group gets a member banned.

Bioenergetic Spectrum News Group should be considered a safe zone for anyone with open minds towards esoteric sciences. Feel free to share your educated / constructive opinions and/or criticisms as long as you are considerate of other members.

Excerpt from About Bioenergetic Spectrum: Definitions

..You're here because you know that you are part of vibrant universe which is very much alive on many energetic levels. You have a desire to get healthy and stay healthy with energy oriented therapies. Your desire brought you here, so you can stay above the dumbed-down mediocrity and the life-negative mainstream...

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